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Privacy Policy

Effective as of September 19, 2021

1. Regarding Minors Under the Age of 18

WinPeak takes children's privacy seriously. We do not render services to children or minors under the age of 18. It is forbidden for anyone under the legal age of responsibility to log into or use our Services. Our highest priority is to adhere to the United States’ Children Online Privacy Protection Act. Juveniles under the age of 18 will not have any personally identifiable information collected or maintained by WinPeak.

Parents or guardians who discover their child submitted personally identifiable details to us can ask that we remove the data from our database. Contact support@winpeak.com to petition deletion of your child's data.

2. Sensitive Data and Other Collected Information

When users take any action on our Sites and Services, we may collect the following types of facts: "Personal Information", including any type of details that can identify or locate a particular user (name, email address, etc.); and “Quantifying” or “Aggregate Information”, which cannot be used for individual identification (for example, number of visits to the Site).

2.1. Elected Personal Information

We handle your personal information for goals of identification, fraud prevention, and relaying cash or physical prizes. 

WinPeak may collect certain Personal Information when you are a job candidate, employee, executive, or contractor who works on behalf of our company. That Personal Information could incorporate email addresses, telephone numbers, names, Social Security Numbers, bank details, and government classification numbers (such as state-issued ID).

Regarding the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”), we disclose what details we collect about our users in this section.

  • To register with WinPeak and use its Services, you will need an email address and an encrypted password. Following laws under your jurisdiction, we may also use your email address for marketing and promotional purposes.
  • To allow your use of the Services, you may give us a Username. Username, name, password, and email address make up "Account Information" which we refer to collectively as your login information.
  • We collect your birth date for age verification.
  • We confirm your mailing address (physical or PO Box) to send physical prizes merited from competitions.
  • You must enter a phone number so we can contact you, grant you Services, and limit fraudulent actions.
  • Our fraud prevention team stores the identification codes on your mobile device, such as its VIN or model code, to limit fraud.
  • Certain features of our site may require you to present credit card information or your Paypal username. We process credit card transactions through third-party companies. No credit card numbers will be seen or stored by us, and a team member will never directly ask for such information.
  • We may collect personal reports when you complete surveys, deliver questions, submit a resume, or engage in similar activities. You may equip us with information to enhance our Services, market to you or others, or make hiring decisions.

2.2. Passively Collected Personal Information

When you log into your account, we may passively collect data to streamline your involvement with us.

  • We may record visitor habits in our system logs. That may or may not include requests, IP web addresses, device ID's (including VIN), information about your browser, on-site interactions, pages viewed, mobile application usage, and other important factors.
  • We may use email tracking to determine which messages are opened and which links within those emails are clicked.
  • We must passively collect your active location via GPS. By participating in cash competitions, we need to verify your geolocation to assure the legality of your participation. By doing so, we keep players secure and within the confines of the law.
  • To supply you with a personalized experience, cookies and pixel tags are used on our website. The website allaboutcookies.org provides information about internet cookies.
  • Your mobile device frequently stores data in caches that are transparent to the user. Data from your cache classifies your mobile device. The majority of browsers and applications are configured to accept such data. Caching can be prevented from storing information in any mobile device. If you choose to opt out, specific features through WinPeak may stop working.

2.3. Quantifying Information

  • Data that is not personally identifiable is called quantified information. Regardless of whether you voluntarily enter information, we may collect it when you interact with our Site or Services. Without restrictions, we may collect, use, store, and transfer this type of data.
  • Our site automatically collects certain types of information about your habits when you visit. That information includes your computer's operating system (OS), the page that referred you, the page that you exited from, other visited websites during your session, your preferred browser, your language preferences, your activities within our webpage, and the date of your visits. While we try to respect visitors' privacy preferences, our website cannot respond to Do Not Track signals from your browser at the moment.

3. Data Sharing

  • To supply the Services, WinPeak may share Personal Information with third parties.
  • The Payment Service Provider receives certain Personal Information to facilitate payment processing. Transmitting your payment information is automatic, and at no point can we review, access, or keep such payment information. Please see our third-party processor’s rules about privacy for more details.
  • Under special circumstances WinPeak may also choose to transfer your Personal Information to arbiters to:
    • to investigate criminal proceedings, including fraud or identity theft;
    • in the event of selling, purchasing, merging, reorganizing, liquidating, or dissolving WinPeak;
    • to comply with legal requirements or processes in a court of law;
    • per any legal requirement or contractual obligation;
    • if, in our express judgment, action is necessary to protect rights, property, or safety of others.

4. Processing Information in the European Union

For handling your personal information in the EU, we have special safeguards. Using your data serves the following purposes:

  • To administer our contract with you for our Service;
  • The area of the contract’s creation;
  • If it is crucial to achieving our (or one of our associates) legitimate interests and if it does not contend with your safety;
  • The location that requires our legal obligations within the European Union.

If we have more than one legal basis for processing your data, contact us at support@winpeak.com for more details.

5. Your Rights as a Part of the European Union and/or Switzerland

It is our goal to sustain the following rights in a legal and prompt fashion for individuals in the EU and Switzerland:

  • Right to object - allows for the rejection of some of our processes based on licit interests and marketing;
  • Right to erasure - the right to erase your data under particular situations, such as the deletion of your account where holding the data is no longer required;
  • Right of access - full control to access your data at any time at your request;
  • Right to restriction - the right to control our data-collecting processes in certain situations, including the accuracy of collection;
  • Right to portability - easily move, copy, and transport data between two entities;
  • Right to rectification - the user's ability to rectify inexact data in our database.

Would you like to apply any of the previously stated rights? Get in touch with our contact team for any questions or requests. You may also file a complaint with your local data protection authority here:


6. Security and the Protection of Personal Information

To protect your account, you must protect your password and mobile device. It is your duty to keep your password and mobile device secure. Any activities administered through your account are your responsibility. Avoid sharing passwords with other parties. The WinPeak SDK interface may ask you to enter such information. However, we will never ask you to send us your password or other sensitive details through an email or directly to a team member.

Please report at support@winpeak.com any suspicious email that demands your password or asks for sensitive account information.

7. Processes for Storing and Transferring Data

WinPeak, its subsidiaries, and responsible affiliates store and process information accumulated through our Service in the United States or other countries in which we manage facilities. Please note that if you live in the European Union or other regions with different laws governing data collection, we may transfer your Personal Information and other data to countries and jurisdictions that do not have the same data protection laws as yours. Throughout our relationship with you, we are devoted to protecting the confidentiality of any Personal Information that we acquire throughout our relationship with you.

8. Self-Elected Information to Public Forums

Users of the WinPeak public forums, as well as the general public on the internet, will be able to read all postings in the forums. As a result, do not expect any information posted on a public forum to remain confidential. If you publicly post or share information through the forums, we are not responsible for anything that occurs.

9. Advertising and Promotions

Our Services may contact you with relevant information in the form of marketing and promotions. Email is the preferred method of communication for us, and we may most commonly get in touch with you this way.

On the forms we use to collect your contact details, you will be able to select certain boxes if you do not wish to receive promotional messaging. At the bottom of each email sent by us, you can find a link for unsubscribing.

10. Up-to-Date Account Information

Your use of our Services requires that you update your Account Information as necessary to ensure that it is current. Parts of your Account can be edited and deleted at your discretion. Find “My Account” under the main menu where you can edit or remove your personal information. Your account can be deleted completely as well. Click on "Help" on the homepage. Next, select "Account Inquiry" and ask a team member for account deletion.

The rules of our business allows us to retain data in our archives, subject to any obligations under applicable law. Our retention of such facts may include resolving disputes, troubleshooting problems, and enforcing our TOS.

11. Governing Law; Notification of Changes

WinPeak considers California laws for the entirety of our Privacy Policy. We may notify our users of all policy changes via the "Section 13, Changes to Our Privacy Policy" on this page.

12. California Privacy Right

California residents may obtain information about the Personal Information that WinPeak distributes to third parties for marketing purposes with other businesses with which they already have an established professional relationship under Section 1798.83 of the California Civil Code. California residents are entitled to a copy of this notice, and they may obtain a copy by contacting our support team.

13. Changes to Our Privacy Policy

The most current version of our General Privacy Policy applies every time you utilize our SDK. When using our Software Development Kit, check the version date (located at the top of this Privacy Policy) and identify any changes since the latest update. Our current Privacy Policy covers all information we have about you unless stated otherwise. If we change our policies or practices, we may not lessen the protection of current or past customers' information without their consent.

Contact Our Team

We welcome questions about our Privacy Policy. Contact our support team at support@winpeak.com for any concerns.

We also suggest that you review our Terms & Conditions, as they also apply to our Privacy Policy.


WinPeak (defined as “WinPeak", "we", "us" or "our") respects your privacy and is committed to keeping your information secure. In the policy, users are defined as “you” or “users”.

Our Privacy Policy concerns anything to do with the collection of our users’ private details for safety, compliance, and user experience. It covers any of our amenities, including our Software Development Kit, website, third-party affiliates, and community. It is an active part of our Terms & Conditions, and we expect users to apply the rules of both in all of their actions concerning WinPeak.

Concerning any European Union data protection laws, WinPeak is considered a data controller. We are the company that holds full responsibility for the gathering, protection, and control of your data.