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Refund Policy

Effective as of September 20, 2021

Unless otherwise required by applicable laws, WinPeak does not provide refunds to its users. Users make wagers at their own risk. We do not handle risk tolerance or make adjustments for the user. If a user is to make a bet and lose, they must cover the cost of the bet. We will not refund or cover a user's bet in the event of any losses or damages.

This policy includes any fees or deposits, and users accept full responsibility for on-time payments. We expect users to pre-pay fees before services are rendered. 

In the Event of Billing Errors

WinPeak holds the right to bill users ahead of time and in full. Providing us with 120 days' notice of any error on your invoice is your responsibility. Within that period, a team will investigate the error. After 120 days, we do not possess liability for any losses or damages.

If our billing team discovers an error after your report, we will amend the error and/or provide a refund. In the meantime, if any bills are past due, you handle the full amount.

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If you have questions, contact our support team for further information.